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Our Boarders all agreed that their visit to Thorpe Aqua park yesterday

was one of the best ever!

Boys from Junior 1 presented this years’ baubles which will be used to decorate the Village Christmas tree. (more…)

A slightly delayed welcome back to you all! (more…)

As ever there have been changes upstairs to accommodate for our new influx of full and part boarders. (more…)

The boys have produced some incredible paintings which are being displayed in reception and around the school please do come in and have a look. (more…)

A warm welcome back to all the boys. I hope you enjoyed a restful half term! Prior to the break it was a very long section of term without a holiday. (more…)

The exeat has arrived quickly here at Woodcote and I am not sure all the staff are tired enough for it yet, however, it is welcomed with open arms. Although we have only been back at school for three weeks, the calendar has been full and the boys have been very busy. (more…)

Woodcote has continued to be incredibly busy even without the boys this summer. In the Main School there have been some updates which I hope will make Woodcote boarding even more of an enjoyable experience. (more…)

Typical British weather meant a few pleasant surprises initially, alongside rather more disappointments: the first week of term was encouraging, the school grounds were looking cricket..ready and the pool was heating up nicely. However consistency has never been a meteorological strongpoint in the UK, and the gloom ensued with some matches cancelled and year group BBQs held in the drizzle. (more…)

It is already four weeks into the very short Lent Term; we all got through dry January, some of us better than others and, apart from the odd temperature and sniffle, we are currently bug free. We welcome two new Matrons to the team, since the departure of Miss Chelsea and Miss Holly at Christmas.  (more…)

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