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A slightly delayed welcome back to you all! (more…)

As ever there have been changes upstairs to accommodate for our new influx of full and part boarders. (more…)

The boys have produced some incredible paintings which are being displayed in reception and around the school please do come in and have a look. (more…)

A warm welcome back to all the boys. I hope you enjoyed a restful half term! Prior to the break it was a very long section of term without a holiday. (more…)

The exeat has arrived quickly here at Woodcote and I am not sure all the staff are tired enough for it yet, however, it is welcomed with open arms. Although we have only been back at school for three weeks, the calendar has been full and the boys have been very busy. (more…)

Woodcote has continued to be incredibly busy even without the boys this summer. In the Main School there have been some updates which I hope will make Woodcote boarding even more of an enjoyable experience. (more…)

Typical British weather meant a few pleasant surprises initially, alongside rather more disappointments: the first week of term was encouraging, the school grounds were looking cricket..ready and the pool was heating up nicely. However consistency has never been a meteorological strongpoint in the UK, and the gloom ensued with some matches cancelled and year group BBQs held in the drizzle. (more…)

It is already four weeks into the very short Lent Term; we all got through dry January, some of us better than others and, apart from the odd temperature and sniffle, we are currently bug free. We welcome two new Matrons to the team, since the departure of Miss Chelsea and Miss Holly at Christmas.  (more…)

October came and went in a flash and already we are hurtling towards the unmentionable festive season and a very busy time for all at Woodcote!

Just before October half term, there were a couple of notable events for the boarders. First, the annual “Woodcote’s Got Talent” on Friday 16th October.

There is some remarkable, undiscovered talent amongst our boys, including an extraordinary performance by Joshi Smethurst-Gosling, whose rendition of Silento’s Whip Nae Nae would have made it into the X Factor finals.

Finlay Hedges, aka Dynamo, had the judges – Mr. Beharrell and the Matrons – awestruck with his magic tricks, not to mention his skills on the unicycle. Truly outstanding!






One of my personal favourites had to be Milo Tennant and Bold Dickson with the Eating Challenge. Whether this was classed as talent or just pure stupidity is for you to decide, but they each embarked on a succession of spoonfuls of Tabasco, peanut butter, salt, lemon, Marmite and Sarson’s malt vinegar. The facial expressions were utterly priceless!



However the votes were in and the results as follows: BRONZE to Ignacio Guisado for his Freestyle Dance, SILVER to Harry Knight and Seb Campbell-Preston for their Marvin the Midget act and GOLD to Tom Martin, Conor Sexton and Ewan Hunter for their intelligent and comical “Woodquotes”.



Second, on Sunday 18 October, the boarders’ outing was to a Premiership rugby match. Not the World Cup, but nevertheless the boys were treated to a trip to the Madejski Stadium to join 6,597 others to watch London Irish vs. Leicester Tigers. Final score 16-28 to the Tigers.  Mr. Ramage, Mrs. Woodall and Mr. Ovenden also went along, for what was a very jolly afternoon out.



The first Friday back after half term saw Woodcote’s Bonfire Night. This is where the Dominies boys come into their own. Following tradition, they are responsible for the planning and design of the ‘Guy’. This year, the unlucky culprit was Sepp Blatter and with the help of Mr. Ramage, Miss Cavanagh and the brilliant Mrs. Lumsden in the Art Room, they made the most fantastic lookalike Sepp, who sadly fell to his end under all the crates and diesel set up by the Groundsmen. In true British style, everyone enjoyed a burger and toffee apple in the drizzle and Mr. Knight and Mr. Beharrell’s fireworks display was (almost) of a quality to rival the 2000 Sydney Olympics.



There is however only some much excitement to be had and the boys continue to enjoy some down time in the dorms in the evenings in their respective Common Rooms. The Juniors are particularly enjoying Lego, pool and DVDs in theirs, plus the odd bit of gymnastics thrown in. Why would you NOT want to board?!


Coming up…….Fires and Homemade Pizzas, Gravity Force, Race Night and Delivery Pizza, the Winchester Christmas Market and last but not least, the best night of the year, the Christmas Break Up Supper!

Here’s to the next 5 weeks…….

Reprising their role as Heads of Boarding are Mr. & Mrs. Knight and seeing as the HM has to write his own blog, it is I, Mrs. K. who is now reporting on this, our boarders’ blog!

It is exactly 3 weeks since term started and the summer holidays seem a long and distant memory! We have welcomed a very healthy number of new boys to Woodcote this term, not forgetting our new staff as well, but I hope that by now everyone knows which dormitory they are in and who all the Matrons are! The dormitories continue to look more inviting than in decades gone by. The Pelicans are the latest to have been spruced up by our extremely handy resident handyman Attila. New curtains preside in Big Top, Little Top, Red and Blue and Dominies has been given an internal facelift. By all accounts the Dominites are a very lucky bunch and are even asking NOT to have their late-ups back at school in order to go ‘home’ earlier! Mr. Ramage and Miss. Cavanagh are keeping them well stocked with toast and Nutella in the evenings not to mention the Gaming Room with its very own driving chair. Any guesses as to what Mr. Ramage is doing on his day off?!

DSC00315[9] DSC00304[9] (1)

The weekly dormitory competition is in full swing. This week the Pelicans have won (tidy beds; tick, dirty pants and socks in the correct baskets; tick, and the Golden rule ‘Respect Your Matrons!’ adhered to; tick. So, last night the Pelican boys chose their prizes from a Mr. Kimchi (a posh Pot Noodle in case you were wondering), a packet of Pickled Onion Monster Munch or a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows plus a DVD.

On the first Saturday night of term, a gaggle of boarders came to camp in our garden. We all had a fabulous evening and one of the boys said to me “Mrs. Knight, this isn’t camping, this is GLAMPING!”. They had a nature treasure hunt around the grounds followed by a BBQ of burgers with the works. The fire bowl was lit and Mrs. Woodall sat around with them, where they exchanged scary stories and warmed themselves on hot chocolate and marshmallows. They were all asleep by 10.30pm and we didn’t hear a peep from them until 7.00am the next morning where they were all still huddled in their sleeping bags chatting away.

IMG_0306 IMG_0324

Two Sunday outings comprising of Ride the Hill – Mountain boarding at it’s best – and Paintballing were, by all accounts, huge fun. Many more excitements in the Sundays ahead include a rugby match, London Irish v Leicester Tigers and Go-Kart Racing.

Last night the boys were treated to the first of our half termly themed Supper nights: Oktoberfest. The dining room was decorated with German bunting and the boys wore pretzel glasses! The celebrations included Bratwursts and Black Forest Gateau but sadly no steins of beer or Lederhosen allowed! Next up for November will be a country themed supper from the winners of the Rugby World Cup. Let’s hope it’s not Japan – it could prove very expensive for the Chef and the Bursar will be calling me into the office! Until next time, Happy reading!

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