Sitting at my desk in the relative peace and tranquility of an empty school – I say ‘relative’ as Chris Wilkinson is feverishly scraping off the varnish from the woodwork outside my study… (more…)

Some lucky Spanish boys were treated to an outing to the All England Tennis club following their Cambridge PET (Preliminary English Test) which made all the hard work in the exams worthwhile!!


Thank you to all those who have already replied to the Knights’ Leaving bash on Friday 8th July.

If you have not yet replied, please do so ASAP as it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible for drinks from 6-8pm. (more…)

Typical British weather meant a few pleasant surprises initially, alongside rather more disappointments: the first week of term was encouraging, the school grounds were looking cricket..ready and the pool was heating up nicely. However consistency has never been a meteorological strongpoint in the UK, and the gloom ensued with some matches cancelled and year group BBQs held in the drizzle. (more…)

Here we are, half way through the term and yet not on half term for another two weeks. Why? Surely it would be far easier to have half term at the same time as everyone else – it would certainly be easier for some Woodcote families with children at different schools. My girls are off this week and they’ve gone on holiday without me – it’s not ideal, but there is a reason behind it…. (more…)

After suffering their Cambridge FCEfS (First Certificate of English for Schools) exam, the seven lucky boys were treated to a museum visit and tour at The All England Lawn Tennis Club a.k.a Wimbledon. (more…)

All Woodcote families are invited to  join us on Friday 8th July from 6-8pm to wish the Knight Family a fond farewell.  Drinks will be served  as we say goodbye to Henry, Susi & the children who have been at Woodcote for 13 years. Please extend this invitation to any families you may be in contact with who have been associated with Woodcote since their arrival in September 2003. (more…)

yesterday the Third Form enjoyed a fabulous Educational Trip to Windsor Castle. Highlights included The Order of the Garter, gruesome burial stories, and Ice Cream !! (more…)

Last Thursday Woodcote had their very own Royal Birthday celebrations. The weather was kind and the grounds looked stunning in the spring sunshine. Chef did a fabulous picnic style lunch. Fun and games including an inter house ‘Royal Relay’ race caused much hilarity. The afternoon was topped off by a visit from Tony Fresco in his ice cream van!

The boarders took full advantage of the lovely weather on Saturday enjoying some Zorb Football together! The boys all had great fun (more…)

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