Well, it is 4:25 pm and I’ve just finished the staff meeting, which signals the end of term. Just 100 HM reports to write, a letter to parents to compose and several public school references to send. Hope to be finished by Tuesday evening and then I too can be officially on holiday.

The last ten days have been absolutely hectic. Since my last blog I have taken the Colts 7s side to Brockhurst to watch them win the tournament; victorious in all 6 matches and scoring 24 tries during the course of the afternoon.

Theo scores another try...

The victorious team and their coach...

I have witnessed the Captain Snow Trophy, where our U8s didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory but it was good to see so many schools here competing for the cup.

I have acted as a judge on Woodcote’s got the X Factor – a pretty tough assignment as it is difficult to be critical of any of the acts as I can’t play a note or sing…and they were all very good indeed. The judges were remarkably complimentary and there is no doubt that the right act won – well done, FX!

I have hosted the Scholarship morning – 25 boys hoping to start at Woodcote in September. There was some real talent again this year and several offers have been made.

I have watched our Senior 7s team not only play in the Holman Trophy but win the tournament for the first time since 2003 with a hugely impressive victory over Ludgrove. The WHS team went on to the IAPS small schools tournament at Oundle the following day and reached the last 8.

I have been present at the inaugural 4Five Go Live drama production at Woodcote. It is always good to get the boys up on stage and I am always delighted to see new talent emerging – especially from the least expected quarters. Well done to all involved!

I have enjoyed a round of staff and boys golf – it was held over 2 days with 8 members of staff and 32 boys involved on each day. Chaotic but tremendous fun.

I have organised an Easter Egg Hunt for the boys with over 8kg of Easter Eggs dispersed over the 35 acres of grounds – it took the boys just 27 minutes to find every single one!

I have taken part in the Staff Revue – a pantomime of sorts with no real script but some terrific costumes, most notably Buttons and Jack’s Mother, although the Cow played by Mrs. Knight at one end and Mrs. Lyddon at the other was terrifyingly real.

And finally I am here at my desk in the office with an empty school and a stack of paperwork. On with the reports…..

Have a very Happy Easter.

That is all.