Boarder of the Week: Harry Knight

The dorms have become very studious in recent nights as we gear up for school exams next week. Revision groups have been set-up and it is great to see plenty of positive revision going on upstairs. There has still been time for rest and recuperation, interspersed with film nights, popcorn and board games.

The two largest dorms, comprising mainly those in the 5th form have worked really hard to win the dormitory competition. The smell and allure of toffee flavoured popcorn of chow mein pot noodles has been too much and they wanted to get in on the act. I am delighted to say that both dorms have won the competition over the last two Thursdays – the film and food were enjoyed by all concerned!

It is some time ago since we enjoyed the splendour of Bonfire Night, but the grounds staff did a wonderful job of making the fire. As is tradition, it fell to those in Dominies to make the ‘Guy’ and to choose the character / person to be burnt. One Direction personnel including Harry and Liam were muted but the decision to place the face of the notorious former presenter of Top of the Pops was hastily arranged. Despite the inclement weather the bonfire looked fantastic and the fireworks, as ever arranged by Chris Beharrell, were fantastic!

A group of boys enjoyed the flumes and wave machines at Coral Reef at the weekend. Plenty of excited tales came back of descending the Python, Anaconda or twisting Boa-Constrictor rides!! Rather them than me!

The Exeat weekend provided further rest, allowing all concerned to recharge their batteries for the final push to the end of term. We probably say ot every year, but it is terrifying just how quickly these terms seem to fly-by. It really does feel like yesterday that we were bathed in sunshine and talking about the summer holidays. Now the Christmas decorations adorn the high streets and Slade is being piped through most shop sound systems!! We’ll embrace it soon enough – a little more hard graft to be completed first though.