Boarder of the Week: Harvey Westby

The second week of term has been dominated by the weather – with the consistent rain making the grounds resemble scenes from WW1. Still the boys have been able to get outside and left of some steam, which in turn helps the upstairs routine run more smoothly.

Last Friday we were expecting to have an adventurer called James Ketchell speak to the boys, but he is currently on the final leg of a round the world cycle ride! I am delighted that with the use of modern day technology we have already corresponded and he will be coming to see us at the end of February! In his place I organised a night of activities and entertainment, which went by the name of Gameshow Challenge! The aim was to recreate some of the 1970s and 1980s favourite gameshows, but do it Woodcote style. So, we had ‘The Price is Right’, ‘Name that Tune’, ‘Family Fortunes’, ‘Catchphrase’, ‘Play Your Cards Right’ and ‘The Generation Game’. The boys were divided up in their houses and everyone had at least a part to play in one of the games. With house points at stake, the result was: 1st Blues, 2ndGreens, 3rd Reds and 4th Browns. Great fun! (When I can get the photos off my phone I will add them here!)

The first Open Weekend saw a few boys go home for the night, but most stayed to enjoy exclusive use of the Woking Leisure Centre, where they could go on the water slides, play in the wave machines or chill in the Jacuzzi! They had a great time and due to the modern day legislation no pictures could be taken, but here is one from the internet of what they enjoyed!

On Sunday I took a group of 12 boys up to London to visit The London Dungeon. The irony was not lost on me as we travelled up by train – the sun was shining (the first time in goodness knows how long), I was looking at beautiful countryside and I was about to spend 2 hours in a dungeon!! I had never been before and neither had most of the boys, so we didn’t know what to expect. It was great fun – a couple of themed rides and a tour through London from medieval to Victorian times. I seemed to have a number of boys clutching me at various stages, as they combated their fear factor. I won’t mention names, in case I ruin their street cred!

Upstairs the dormitories have been on great form and have being getting it just right. The youngest dorm, Little Top, have been brilliant however and fully deserved to be Dormitory of the Week! Well done to them and they loved their popcorn, pot noodles and hot chocolate!! A really positive end to the first quarter of the term, with an Exeat this weekend. Enjoy the rest boys!