A short week this week after our 1st Exeat of term. There was more inclement weather locally, with confirmed sightings of tornadoes affecting the local area – in particular Chobham, Knaphill and Woking. Trees came down and some roads were blocked! Thankfully Woodcote was not damaged and the boarders returned refreshed for the 2nd quarter of term.

The boarding committee met for the first time this term; holding a working lunch on Tuesday. Many areas were discussed, including the evening routine and the dormitories. The recent improvements have been well received, but they look forward to seeing more! All in good time! Staying up later on a Saturday night is also a popular request, all in the name of good behaviour of course!

The highlight of the week came last night, with the boarders; Chinese New Year supper. Huge thanks goes to Kevin (the chef), Callum and Ibor for producing an amazing spread – spring rolls, egg fried rice, seaweed, prawn toast and crackers and noodles. Also, to Mrs. Ding who supplied her own home-cooked Chinese food – trays of dumplings and chicken cooked in Coca-Cola being the highlights!! Thanks also to Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Lyddon for decorating the dining room so brilliantly! Chinatown had come to WHS! The fortune-cookies revealed some interesting phrases, such as “you are beautiful both inside and out” and “for success today look first at yourself”. All great fun….enjoy the pictures!