There has been so much packed into the second half of this term, it is only now, as I wait for the first of my two Christmas Lunches today, that I can take stock of it all….

The first weekend back after half term revolved around our Bonfire night; the boys chose, as their ‘Guy’ for this year, Sepp Blatter – beautifully made by the Dominites under the careful guidance of the Art Department. I believe that Marschall Blucher’s head (used for the Waterloo parade in London in the Summer) was recycled for the occasion!

Once again, the Remembrance Sunday service centred around Mr. Mark’s thoughts on the purpose of remembering the fallen in all wars. He served, and had friends who were killed, in the 2nd World War and it makes the whole occasion far more poignant to have him talk to the boys and their parents each year.

Thursday 12th was Spanish theme day – the whole school dressed in Red and Yellow, prayers were said in Spanish, and the chef provided Churros and Hot Chocolate for breakfast; Paella for lunch; and a selection of Tapas for supper – delicious!


The school Cross-Country took place on Tuesday 17th November. However, this year we decided to make it a ‘Race for Life’ in aid of Cancer Research UK. All the boys and (most of the) staff took part – 1 lap for the over 50s; two laps for the over 40s; three laps for everyone else – and we raised just short of £2,500. It was a fantastic effort by all concerned; I promised no pictures but thought those who sponsored us deserved one or two….

Under starters orders....

Under starters orders….

The Registrar sets the pace...

The Registrar sets the pace…

The HM struggles over the line!

The HM struggles over the line!

Tail-end Charlie!

Tail-end Charlie!

The boys knuckled down for the school exams, interspersed with the first rugby fixtures of the season (it’s all looking very promising!) and then went on a short Exeat to recharge the batteries before the final two weeks of term. Since their return, we have had the Juniors’ Christingle service, a Dads’ quiz night at the local pub (I’m afraid I slunk off early – too many senior school references to write!), a Horse-racing night followed by £250 of delivery pizza, and an outing to the Christmas Market at Winchester to buy their presents. If that didn’t make them feel Christmassy enough, this was delivered for them…..


It was so big, we couldn’t actually get it into the school. Needless to say, it was devoured in a matter of minutes!

Prize-Giving is now complete, the boarders are out in the grounds hunting for chocolate (obviously!) and I am about to join the day boys for their Christmas lunch. We then have the first of two Carol Services, followed by the Break-Up supper for the Boarders (Turkey & all the trimmings – Round 2). Tomorrow morning is the Boarders’ Carol Service and then term is really over….I hope!

With my best wishes for a very peaceful and Happy Christmas.

That is all.