A group of 12 boys along with Mrs Woodall are making a great impact in their Wednesday Hobby called Running Wild!

The Hobby is aimed at creating an awareness of wildlife and conservation issues around the world. The boys have already adopted a Sumatran tiger named Jae-Jae from London Zoo and their next project is to adopt a white rhino from Marwell Zoo which they will visit in the summer.

To pay for their adoptions the group has been busy with some fund raising activities- a very successful cake sale and a “saying in coins”. The “saying in coins” is on display at reception and your help is needed to complete it! Boys can bring in a pound coin and paste it on themselves. There are only a few letters left to make so please keep the coins rolling in.

The group have been in touch with Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, a local organisation who rescue animals in and around our area. They have provided a bin at the front of the school and have asked for old towels, cat and dog food and newspapers. The bin will be collected on 16th March and it would be great if it was full!

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