Woodcote has continued to be incredibly busy even without the boys this summer. In the Main School there have been some updates which I hope will make Woodcote boarding even more of an enjoyable experience.

Top landing has been brought into the 21st century with the help of Kate Lumsden and Danielle who have transformed the dormitories into an exciting and homely space. The walls are adorned with glow in the dark stickers, giant rubix cubes, and to keep the English department happy, Shakespeare quotes! New radiators have been put into Pelicans and Top landing which have been tested this week, and I can confirm, they work very well! On top of all this, a giant lorry arrived at the front of school to deliver a mass order of new mattresses, and thankfully take away the old ones. Shane and Ian were delighted with this news as the humidity was that of the amazon rainforest.

A few changes have been made with regards to staff and we are pleased to welcome a new matron Georgina, who has come from an international boarding school in Austria, I am sure she will be a great success and having tasted her baking skills, I am sure the boys will love her. Miss Chloe, who has spent the summer in an all-girls camp in America is now desperate to welcome the boys back. She now assumes the role of Head Matron and I am sure she will be fantastic.

Other than the above, there have been some small changes such as a later bed times for the 6th form, the appointment of dorm captains and boys taking a greater responsibility for their areas. All of which I hope will make for a smoother operation upstairs and a better atmosphere.

An exciting array of Sunday activities have been put together and there has been a greater focus on full school activities, so that those who are staying at school on Sundays will be entertained throughout the day. These consist of a circus afternoon, Paintballing, Zorb Football and even a travelling zoo!

I am very keen for term to start and I am positive that the term will be a great success for all involved.

See you on Wednesday

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