The exeat has arrived quickly here at Woodcote and I am not sure all the staff are tired enough for it yet, however, it is welcomed with open arms. Although we have only been back at school for three weeks, the calendar has been full and the boys have been very busy.We have had 2 winners of the dormitory of the week contest, Pelicans and Wing, so the 6th Form are clearly showing the rest of the school how it is done and getting their intake of Kimchi noodles on a Thursday. I hope the junior boys will follow their peer’s example soon.
Sunday outings have been in full swing, one for the lower half of the school to Marwell Zoo where the boys had running races with Mrs Woodall and Miss Georgina, needless to say Mrs Woodall still ‘has it’ and rivals the pace of Usain Bolt, beating all the competitors, even matching the speed of a cheetah! As well as Marwell Zoo, a full school paintballing trip was organised which showed us who was destined for a career in the military, there were luckily few injuries here and all have recovered.


Next week the boys will enjoy Zorb Football, which is taking place here at the school for all boarders.
The boys have settled in brilliantly, which is always indicated by the increase in noise levels, Thursday nights have been particularly full of cheers with the introduction of a board games night. New dormitory seemingly transforms into a casino and there are some dangerous card players taking all of the dorms chips.
I have been hugely impressed by the resilience of our new boarders who have managed to get through the first part of this term in fine spirits, this has been helped by their ‘buddies’ and Dorm Captains, all of whom have shown great community spirit. I am pleased that the boys have also taken to the changes in structure upstairs and boarding life seems, dare I say it, rather easy going for us staff and boys alike- long may it continue.
The first Boarding Committee meeting was held and among the outrageous suggestions there were a few that will be implemented soon. The idea of a boarding cupboard will be introduced much to the Bursars dismay, which will allow those full boarders to order deodorants, shower gels and posters among other things, I hope this will make them feel a little more at home.
We now step into the longest period of a term without a break and I can assure you that the boys will deserve a well needed rest at Half Term.