A warm welcome back to all the boys. I hope you enjoyed a restful half term! Prior to the break it was a very long section of term without a holiday.

This gave them plenty to do from the boarding end and tested some of the newer boys’ metal somewhat, I am pleased to say all survived with flying colours.

The boys have enjoyed a range of Sunday activities, starting with Zorb Football which happened on the first Sunday back after the exeat. Now we would all be very silly to think that much football takes place in this sport, as soon as the whistle blew most ignored the football and headed straight at the nearest player, no matter which side. Lucky we were again injury free and I think this could be the reason why the 1st XI are looking a little more confident.

On another Sunday the boarders went to bounce at Gravity Force, which is a firm favourite. Initially the idea was to make this just a 5th Form trip, but with huge interest and a bigger minibus we were able to cater for all. The Spanish Contingent who have not been before had a great time and the request to go again has already been made.

The school Zoo, which has been my favourite activity to date, gave something a little different to the boys. We had 12 different species of animal arrive that were let loose in the new hall (don’t tell the bursar!) These included a Skunk named Whiff, a Meerkat Mob, A Corsac Fox and my favourite Geoffrey the Genet! The boys were able to interact with a number of the animals and see some wildlife they would not otherwise get close too. I was incredibly impressed by their behaviour and believe they all had a fantastic time. Unfortunately for two of my 1st XI Rugby players their fear of Rabbits was too much and they had to leave!



Weekdays are also very busy for boarders with The Boarder of the week , boarding suppers, Committee meetings and a great deal more.

I will not carry on at risk of boring you!

I will post an update in a few weeks.


Tim Ramage