Student Behaviour, Discipline & Exclusion Policy


Woodcote House School aims to encourage pupils to adopt the highest standards of behaviour, principles and moral standards. We aim to promote trust and mutual respect for everyone. We believe that good relations, good manners and a secure learning environment play a crucial part in the development of intellectually curious pupils, who are motivated to become life-long learners. We develop qualities of team-work and leadership through our extensive programme of extra-curricular activities. In developing this policy, the school has taken due regard to the DfE document ‘Behaviour and Discipline in Schools 2016’.

Woodcote House School is an inclusive community. We welcome pupils from a wide variety of ethnic and social backgrounds and faiths. We treat everyone as an individual, and aim to develop the whole person, equipped to take his place in the modern world.

At Woodcote we promote and reward good behaviour by:

 verbal and written praise for good work  academic merits for both effort and achievement  annual subject and year group prizes  posting examples of excellent work on notice boards/website/etc.


The school fully recognizes the need to balance promoting good behaviour amongst pupils as well as the sanctions adopted, therefore, Woodcote has adopted a system of plus and minus marks as detailed below.

Level 1  A Detention Whatsapp group exists.  If a member of staff wants to give a boy a minus, they send the name of boy, number of minuses and reason to the group (E.G Smith, 1 , manners)  At the end of the day, the master on duty will go through the messages and make a list of the boys who have minuses and write it on the board in Red Lane.  At Kickabout on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, a member of staff will take detention in the Lab.  1 minus = 10 minutes of kickabout.  Boys will be made to copy out subject facts appropriate to the member of staff taking the detention (e.g. RE definitions for PF, Spanish vocab for OP etc.)  This member of staff will also log each boy on the system (Lists – Detention) so as to keep a concrete record of repeat offenders.

Level 2  If a boy receives four minuses in a week, the tutor is informed and an email is sent to parents.
Level 3  If Level 2 occurs twice or more in a half term, AGM is informed and a meeting is had with parents.
Level 4  If the boy continues to behave badly thereafter, HM is informed and a meeting is had with parents to discuss suspension.

N.B There will, inevitably, be occasions when you want to sanction a boy straight to Level 2. It is then up to the tutor to sanction them as they see fit. Sanctioning straight to Level 3 or 4 should only be used as a nuclear option (although may be necessary on occasion.)

It is very important that staff recognise the value of praising good behaviour, privately or publicly, and rewards throughout the school in terms of plus marks, extra tuck, special privileges or public congratulation are certainly in order. For particular acts of kindness, there is a ‘Kindness’ book also kept in the Staff Room. Any boy deserving of a mention in the book will be publicly congratulated and rewarded by the Headmaster during assembly. Woodcote recognizes the need to manage pupils transition through the school and that a minor offence committed by a new 7 year old might warrant different handling to that if it had been committed by a 12 year old who had been at the school for several years. All punishments and rewards are discussed regularly at staff meetings and it is through these discussions that they are moderated to ensure they are appropriate for the age and experience of the boy.


Woodcote House School community of staff, parents and pupils adhere to a code of behaviour. We see education as a partnership. Our staff are committed to excellence, aiming to achieve a spirit of trust and cooperation. We expect the highest values and standards of behaviour, both inside and outside the classroom, as well as outside the school and in any written or electronic communication concerning the school. We expect pupils to treat staff and each other with consideration and good manners and to respond positively to the opportunities and demands of school life. They should follow the school’s Code of Behaviour. Everyone has a right to feel secure and to be treated with respect, particularly the vulnerable. Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated. The school is strongly committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, gender, gender orientation or physical disability. Woodcote takes its duties under the Equality Act 2010 seriously and makes appropriate reasonable adjustments for pupils with special educational needs/disabilities. We expect pupils to be ready to learn and to participate in school activities. They should attend school and lessons punctually. They should care for the buildings, equipment and furniture. We expect pupils to behave at all times in a manner that reflects the best interests of the whole community.

April 2019