Woodcote House


Woodcote offers a first-class, well-rounded, progressive education in preparation for Common Entrance or Entrance Scholarship to your first choice senior school.

Our whole school Curriculum Policy offers a wide choice of experiences, skills and subjects through Key Stages 2 & 3, to Common Entrance and Scholarship level and aims to realise the highest academic expectations for all pupils within a framework of proven learning, techniques and innovative and exciting teaching methods.  Children develop at different rates, both academically and emotionally, and our small classes (average class size of 10 pupils) enable us to stretch the most academically able and to support those who need extra care and attention.

The timetable includes English, Mathematics, Science, Spanish,  Geography, History, TPR, ICT, Art, Design Technology, Music, Physical Education, PSHEE and our new Enrichment Programme, which is explained below.  Latin is introduced in Year 7, and a Scholarship class operates in parallel with the last two years of Common Entrance preparation. As the importance of Pre-tests in Year 6 has increased greatly in recent years, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning form a large part of our timetabled curriculum.

Woodcote is proud of its academic record, which includes an impressive array of Scholarship Awards to leading senior schools, maximising a pupils’ academic potential and also building each child’s self-confidence.


The Enrichment Programme provides many opportunities for the boys to try new activities that wouldn’t otherwise be afforded to them. These activities take place on a Saturday morning. and run as detailed below. All boys in the school have the opportunity to try the following (amongst other things) over the course of the year:




Structural Engineering

Quizzes and Cards


Running the School Newsletter

Rock Choir






In addition to the opportunities above, each year group also has an academic area to focus on that is integral to their development and for their Senior School application. An example of they year group focus topics is below:

6th Form: Touch Typing

5th Form: Headmaster’s Project Diploma

4th Form: Atom Learning Practice and Interview Techniques/Skills

3rd Form: Atom Learning Practice and Interview Techniques/Skills

2nd and 1st Form: Critical Thinking and Logic Problems, with an introduction to Reasoning Skills