Woodcote House


Our committed, enthusiastic staff are totally dedicated to the care of the boys in our charge. Each boy receives our individual care and attention and is encouraged and motivated to achieve his potential both in and out of the classroom.

Mr N H K Paterson

Mr D.M.K. Paterson

Deputy Headmaster
Mr A  Monk (IV Form Tutor)

Head of Common Room

Mr O Paterson (III Form Tutor, DSL)

Head of Boarding

Mr T Ramage (V Form Tutor)

Director of Studies

Mr P Foster (VI Form Tutor)

Staff List

Mr H Elliot (VI Form Tutor)
Mr J Scholefield
Mr E Hind (Shell Tutor)

Mr S Giddings (Assistant Bursar)
Miss D Vianello (Junior I Tutor)
Mr D Patrick (IV Form Tutor / Head of Music)
Mrs K Lumsden (Art)

Miss S Samad

Mr R Mackay (V Form Tutor)

Miss C Fisher

Learning Support
Mrs M Rees

Ms S Jenkins

Head of Pastoral
Mrs D Ramage (Junior II Tutor)

School Nurse
Miss Suzanna Montague


Ms E Woodhouse

Assistant Bursar

Mr S Giddings

Mrs W  Edgerley

School Secretary
Mrs F Warren

School Shop

Mrs L Monk