Woodcote House

FAQs – School Life

What time do I need to drop my son at Woodcote?
Drop-off in the morning is between 8.00am and 8.20am.
What time should I collect my son from Woodcote?
The school day finishes at 5.40pm with all homework completed at school.
Can my son have breakfast at school?
Breakfast is at 7.45am and charged at £5 per breakfast for non-boarders.
Does my son need to bring any stationery to school?

All boys need a clear marked pencil case which can be wiped clean, containing the following:

  • pencil
  • rubber
  • sharpener
  • highlighter
  • ruler
  • a few colouring pencils
  • scissors
  • solvent free glue stick
  • blue and red pen (4th Form upwards)


Most of these items can be purchased from the school stationery supplies.

Does my son need games kit every day?

Clean games kit should be brought in to school in the green string bag every day.  A spare set needs to be kept in school by the matrons for match days.

What times are matches played?

Match fixtures are usually played at 2.30pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

How will I know if my son is in a match?

You will receive an email from the school to confirm whether your son is playing in a match.

What time is Saturday school?

Drop-off on Saturday is between 8.00am and 8.20am.  Lessons finish at 11.45am for Chapel.

What time is pick-up on Saturdays?

If your son is not playing in a match, he is free to go home at 12.30pm on Saturdays.

Does my son need to stay at school after Chapel on Saturday if he is in a match?

Boys who are playing in matches on Saturday afternoon must stay for lunch after Chapel.  Parents of those boys playing in matches are also invited to stay for lunch.

Is there a parent group to join for my son’s form?

Parents are welcome to set up a message group for their sons’ form and Woodcote will facilitate obtaining consent from parents to share their details.

Who should I talk to if I have any concerns about my son?

Parents should speak with their son’s form tutor in the first instance but are always welcome to discuss any matter about their son with the Headmaster.  Medical concerns should be discussed with the School Matron and pastoral matters with either the School Matron or Boarding Master.

How frequently will I receive reports about my son’s progress?

Parents are kept informed of their son’s academic progress throughout the year.  Parents will be sent half-termly reports and parents are welcome to meet with their son’s form tutor at any time if they wish to discuss progress face to face.

Does Woodcote help parents to choose and apply for the right senior school?

The Headmaster meets with all the parents of boys in Year 5 to discuss the process and how Woodcote will support each boy for his senior school applications.  Parents and boys will then receive individual meetings and the Headmaster will recommend schools that he thinks will be a good fit.  Each boy then receive bespoke support for interview practice and exam preparation.

Is my son allowed to invite a boarder home for an Exeat weekend or half-term?

We encourage our UK boarders to invite overseas boarders home with them for Exeats, and occasionally half-term, if they are unable to go home for these.  Woodcote is happy to facilitate getting permissions from the parents.

When can my son start learning a musical instrument?

Parents will be given the email address of the music department before they join Woodcote and can email any request for music lessons.

When do music lessons take place?

Music lessons are during the school day but are rotated so that boys do not miss the same lessons.  Tutors ensure the boys catch up on any missed work.

How does my son sign up to extra curricular activities/hobbies?

Parents will be sent an email before their son starts at Woodcote with the details of all activities/hobbies on offer.  Some of these have an additional charge and limited places so will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

When do activities commence?

Activities start in the second week of term.

Are mobile phones allowed at school?

Mobile phones are not allowed at school.  Boys arriving on the bus from London may have a device for the journey but this must be handed to the bus driver on arrival at school.  It will be returned to him for the journey back to London.  Boarders may bring a mobile phone but these will be held by the Matrons during school time and only returned to boys at Exeat weekends and half-term.

Am I allowed to call my son if he is a boarder?

Boys are allowed to call or Skype their parents from school computers during the week.  A rota is set up so that boys have calls on certain nights of the week.  If a parent needs to speak with their son urgently, the School Matron or Boarding Office can be called at any time.

Is there a lost property point for boys?

Lost property is taken to the Medicine Room for boys to collect.

Can you arrange airport transfers for overseas boys?

Woodcote is happy to arrange transfers for overseas boys going to airports.  The cost of the transfer will be added to the school bill.  All drivers are known to the school and familiar with the process for dropping off unaccompanied minors with the airlines.