Woodcote House

Woodcote as a Day Boy

For boys living locally or in London, Woodcote House offers all the benefits of a classic private education combined with an enviable range of opportunities.
They can start aged 7 (Year 3) and leave us in Year 8, having taken their Common Entrance or Scholarship exams.
Day Boys have access to all the opportunities available to our Boarders during the week. One obvious benefit for parents is that their son’s homework, sport, music and hobbies are all factored into the school day and undertaken in a safe, supervised environment.
Boys arrive at school by 8.20am to start the day with Assembly and Registration. This is followed by Prep, which is completed in the morning, leaving evenings at home free of schoolwork. After a full day of lessons and sport, boys are picked up by 6.10pm. If they are involved in early evening activities, they will have supper at school and go home later.
On Exeat weekends (every third weekend) Day Boys finish school on Friday at midday and return first thing on Tuesday morning.

Graduating to Boarding

Woodcote operates a ‘graduated approach’ to boarding which means a Day Boy can get a taste of boarding by staying at school two or three nights a week. This option is very popular. Often, it’s boys themselves who ask to board, allowing them to take full advantage of the opportunities offered in the evenings.
Although not compulsory, the majority of Day Boys do choose full or weekly boarding in their final years as this is an excellent preparation for Senior School.




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