Woodcote House


If your son is likely to board in future, boarding at Woodcote is an invaluable preparation. Woodcote offers a graduated and flexible approach to boarding to suit each boy and his family.  Younger boys are encouraged to board one or two nights per week, and it is then hoped that boys will build up more nights as they go up the school, with the aim of becoming a weekly or full boarder by Year 8.  About 75% of our pupils are boarders, and we work hard to ensure that boarding is a secure, positive and rewarding experience for each child. Boys can begin boarding at any age from 7 to 13, and prospective boarders are encouraged to spend a night or two at Woodcote before they start.

Housed in the main building, our small dormitories are cheerful and cosy. Bright sea-blue walls, primary-coloured duvets, superhero posters and striped curtains create a relaxed, home-from-home feel. Bedtimes range from 8.00pm to 9.30pm, depending on age. Our Head of Pastoral Care and her team of four Matrons look after the boys in the evenings and sleep within easy reach of the dormitories.

Boys can use a landline and Skype in the evenings to call their parents, and they also write a proper letter home each week. With such a flexible approach to boarding, and Exeat weekends twice each term, our boarders can also spend plenty of time at home with their families. Boarders have the option of going home after matches for the rest of the weekend.


Weekends provide a healthy balance of planned activities and free time. Our popular Friday night entertainment programme includes visiting speakers. Saturday mornings include 3 lessons followed by Chapel, which all parents are welcome to attend on most Saturday mornings.  Chapel is followed by a glass of wine (for parents!) and lunch before supporting matches.

On Sundays, the boys enjoy outings such as sailing, dry-slope skiing, paintballing, climbing, cinema trips and mackerel fishing.




Trial boarding for our juniors was a huge success! What’s not to love about cupcake baking and blue icing!