Woodcote House

Woodcote House School Fees Structure

Our fees for the term are outlined below. There are no compulsory extras.

Our termly fees are currently: £6,550 for Day Boys, £8,800 for Full Boarders and £10,450 for Overseas Boarders.

We operate a pro-rata scheme for Part Boarders.  

Individual tuition, including music and some sports, are chargeable extras.

Admissions fees:
Non-refundable Registration fee: £100

Entry deposit:
Refundable deposit: £1,000

Schools fees from April 2022:
Day fees: £6,550 per term
Boarding fee: £8,800 per term
Overseas Boarding fee: £10,450 per term

Administration fee: UK based pupils requiring Visas and/or administrative support will be charged an administration fee on top of their day or boarding fee.  The fee charged will vary depending on the level of administrative support provided.

Schools fees are payable termly in advance and are inclusive of Pupil Accident Insurance

Flexi-boarding fees:
One night per week (Year 3 & 4): £500 per term
Two nights per week: £775 per term
Three nights per week: £1,075 per term
Four nights per week: £1,375 per term
Five night per week: £1,675 per term
Single extra night boarding: £60 per night

Flexi-boarding fees are payable in advance, with the exception of the charge for ad hoc nights, which will be payable in arrears. Flexi-boarding fees will vary depending on the number of weeks in a term.
Flexi-boarders are welcome to stay over weekends by prior arrangement. Two night weekend costs £120.

Breakfast (7.45-8.00am): £7.50 per breakfast
Supper (6.00-6.30pm): £7.50 per supper

Bus from London:
Bus trip: £7 per trip
The bus currently runs from Monday morning to Saturday morning. There is no bus back to London on Saturday lunchtime through until Monday morning.

Learning Support extras (charges vary): SENCO Group session (2 boys)
SENCO Single session
English as an Additional Language (EAL): usually group sessions shared between 2-4 boys
Maths support

Extra-curricular extras (charges vary): Musical instrument lessons (direct with peripatetic teacher)
Music Exams
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Rifle Club
Tennis Lessons
Golf Lessons
Judo Lessons
Archery Lessons

Taxis to/from airports will be charged at cost price or split evenly between those travelling

School Outings will be charged on an ‘as incurred’ basis, at cost price, split evenly between those attending

School uniform items will be charged in accordance with the School Shop price list, which is available on request

Sibling Discount
Families with more two or more children at the school concurrently may receive a discount. Please contact the Registrar for more details

Services Discount
A discount on fees is offered to Service families. Please contact the Registrar for more details.