Woodcote House


Monday to Friday

8.20 Assembly
8.40 Prep/Lesson 1
9.25 Lesson 2
10.10 Lesson 3
10.50 Break
11.10 Lesson 4
11.55 Lesson 5
12.35 Kickabout
1.00 Lunch
1.40 Lesson 6

2.25 Lesson 7
3.10 Rest
3.50 Games Coaching
5.30 Tutor groups

2.25 Games Coaching
4.15 Lesson 7
5.00 Rest
5.30 Tutor groups

Day Boys return home at 5.30pm or 5.40pm, unless they are taking part in early evening activities.
6.00 Supper
6.15 & 7.00 Evening activities (optional)

Wednesday afternoons
2.30 Games/Matches
4.15 Assembly and Free Time
5.00 Hobbies

Saturdays (optional for Year 3 & Year 4)
08.40 Morning Enrichment, including:
Life Skill Activities; and
Preparation for senior school (pre-test & interview practice)
11.45 Chapel

Parents are welcome to join the school for Chapel, and refreshments are served after Chapel for all.  Parents of boys playing in matches are invited to join the boys for lunch in the dining room, before watching the matches. Boys not involved in matches may go home after Chapel.

Various outings for Boarders

A unique feature of the Woodcote school day is that time is allowed for Prep, which is a focused lesson of independent, supervised study. This ensures all boys complete their ‘homework’ at school so that their evenings are free for family time, or for extra-curricular activities, sports and letting off steam with friends.