Woodcote House


“We’ve always loved the fact that Woodcote is less flashy than certain other preps, but (drum roll) there are new classrooms, a new theatre and – very Woodcote, this – a new pig pen in the woods. Last year’s CE results were a school record, and the scholarship boards are something to behold. ‘There is no hiding place at Woodcote,’ they tell us. ‘Every boy will be in a team, will be on stage, will be in a concert and will be helped/pushed in class.’ Head Henry Knight is, among other things, a wizard at senior-school selection. The Paterson family has owned Woodcote since 1931 and is still involved in its day-to-day life. The new London bus service has been such a success that they are reviewing their (previously relaxed) admissions process. What are you waiting for?” https://www.tatler.com/guides/schools-guide/2016/prep/woodcote-house-school

Tatler Schools Guide 2016

Dear Mr Knight I would like to thank you most sincerely for the care you have taken of XXX. Our parents greatly appreciate the work your excellent staff who not only encourage the children to achieve their very best academically but also provide a secure and happy environment in their ‘home far away from home’. The preparation the children have received during their formative years under your care, promoting self-confidence and a strong independent work ethic, enables them to take the next big step on their educational journey. Our sincere thanks go to you and your staff and we look forward to continuing our relationship with your excellent school in the years to come. Best Regards XXXXX Minister of Education

From the Royal Thai Embassy



Woodcote House School