Woodcote House


Live to Learn and Learn to Live

Woodcote’s motto is put into practice throughout the school.

Our committed, enthusiastic staff are totally dedicated to the care of the boys in our charge. Each boy receives our individual attention and is motivated to achieve his full potential, both in and out of the classroom.

Boys can join Woodcote at any age from 7 (Year 3) to 13 (Year 8) as boarders or as day boys. We have small classes (average of 10), which ensures that each boy derives maximum benefit from the wide-ranging and diverse curriculum.  At the beginning of each academic year, boys are assigned a Class Tutor to oversee their academic progress and general welfare. We are quick to identify a boy who is particularly gifted or, equally, one who requires specialist help.

We know that if boys are enjoying themselves, they learn better.  So, we combine first class teaching with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activity throughout the day. Sport is timetabled every day, which enables the boys to be challenged both mentally and physically.

Even lunchtime is an opportunity for learning. Each day, boys and staff sit down to eat together in our dining hall, fostering good manners and the art of conversation. One of the most valuable lessons we teach our boys is to live with different people, a skill that will benefit them throughout their future lives.

Woodcote provides a happy, secure environment where boys can live, learn and flourish as individuals. Our aim is for them to be honest, confident, respectful and trustworthy, together with a sense of humour and a balanced perspective on life. We demand high standards of behaviour and manners, recognising how important these qualities are, not only during their time at school, but in their future lives as well.