Woodcote House


Boarding at Woodcote – a traditional English boarding school – ensures that boys reap the full benefit of learning and socialising in an idyllic, secure setting.
Around 15% of boys who board at Woodcote live abroad, coming from Service, expatriate or overseas families. Access to the school is quick and easy: Woodcote is just 20 minutes’ drive from Heathrow Airport while Gatwick and Southampton airports are both within an hour’s drive. We have long experience of making travel arrangements for our overseas students and liaising with their UK guardian to organise holiday and exeat arrangements.
Thanks to Woodcote’s emphasis on family, tolerance and good manners, overseas boys soon settle in and make lasting friendships. They’re often invited home for Exeat weekends by their friends, giving them the opportunity to spend time with English families and creating an informal exchange programme.
Boys whose first language is not English receive extra help from our dedicated EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher. However, it is in the dormitory, the dining room, on the games field and during free time that they really get to grips with the language. The speed with which they integrate is truly remarkable.