Parents can purchase uniform items from our own School Shop on site. We have one uniform all year round, based on practical colours and fabrics that allow boys to be boys.

Summer uniform Summer uniform Chapel Clothes



This list includes all the items your son will need during his time at Woodcote; please keep it safe as you will need to refer to it at the beginning of each term. Please read the following notes and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


We have an excellent shop, run by Lucy Monk (email, and all items on the list marked with an * asterix can be purchased, new or second hand. The shop is open before the start of each term and on Wednesday afternoons during term time. Appointments can be made at other times with prior arrangement.


All shoes must be in good repair and permanently marked with the boys’ school number (3rd Form upwards) or name if he is a Junior. Please ensure shoes are cleaned and polished on return from Exeats, Half Term and at the start of each Term.


All clothes must be in good repair and clearly marked with name tapes showing the boys’ full name. It is not necessary to have the school number on tapes. Please try clothes on before term starts. All new boys should bring three dozen sew-on name tapes to school. Please NO iron-on name tapes. Games clothes name tapes need to be purchased from They are listed as ID Tags and must be ordered as 1 inch in size, red text with a white background colourand should be ordered with surname first followed by first name. For example, ‘MONK WILLIAM’.

We provide string bags for all games kit. Tape loops must be sewn on all towels (long side please), flannels, sweaters and games clothes. For info, IKEA sell towels with hooks already sewn in.

NB: DAY BOYS All games kit will be sent home in the string bags at weekends for washing. Clean kit to be brought back in on a Monday morning.




2 Brown V-Neck sweaters* 1 Brown School Coat*
2-4 Yellow shirts* 1 Pair Wellington boots (black or green)
2 School ties* 1 Pair Flip Flops/Sliders/Crocs
2 Pairs grey trousers 1 WHS Beanie Hat* (optional)
2 Pairs grey shorts (Form IV & below)+ 1 WHS Holdall*
7 Pairs grey socks (Long grey socks to be worn with shorts Form IV & below)+ 1 Suitcase (soft style)
7 Pairs pants/boxers (underwear)

(Boarders All Terms)
3 Sleeveless vests (underwear) (optional) 1 Dressing Gown
1 Pair Black school shoes 3 Pairs pyjamas
1 Pair Brown Docksiders for Summer Term (optional) 1 Pair slippers
1 Washbag (that can be hung up)

SMART CLOTHES (All Terms) 1 Hairbrush
1 Tweed jacket (Non purchase item. We lend for interviews/assessments) 2 Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
1 Pair grey trousers Toiletries (bodywash/shampoo/sponge)
1 Grey sleeveless pullover(Non purchase item. We lend for interviews/assessments) 2 Bath towels & 2 flannels (this to include one swimming towel)
2 White long sleeved poly/ cotton shirts 1 Bed rug/fleece blanket

2 Pairs brown/gold games shorts* HOME CLOTHES (Boarders All Terms)
2 Pairs gold games socks* 1 Smart shirt
2 Pairs white sport socks 1 Smart pair trousers
1 Pair white trainers (minimal logo/colour) 1 Casual top
1 Pair Astro trainers (optional) 1 Pair casual trousers
1 Pair Speedo style swimming trunks
(to be worn instead of underwear for games) 1 Sweatshirt/jersey
1 Tracksuit top* 1 Pair trainers / 1 Pair casual shoes
1 Tracksuit bottoms* Please ensure all home clothes are named and do not over supply as it is not necessary and we do not have the storage space.
1 Towel for showers

GAMES CLOTHES (Michaelmas & Lent Terms)
2 Brown/gold reversible games shirts*
1 Gold baselayer*
1 Pair football/rugby boots, shin pads & mouthguard

1 Long sleeved cricket sweater*
1 Pair white cricket trousers (minimal logos)
2 All white polo shirts (no logos)
1 White wide brimmed cricket sun hat*
1 Pair white cricket boots (VI, V, IV & III Forms only)
1 WHS cap* (optional)



Please ensure all uniform is labelled properly and correctly


For everyday uniform, small nametapes should be sewn on the inside of each garment. A tape hook for the Brown V-Neck Sweaters is also required so that they can be hung up on their individual pegs when not being worn.




Labels to be sewn on the INSIDE

Brown/Gold games shorts – on left leg at the front along bottom seam.

Brown/Gold reversible games shirt – inside back of collar.

Tracksuit bottoms – inside waistband.

Tracksuit top – inside back of collar.

V-necked cricket sweater – on left breast, horizontally.

White cricket sun hat – back of crown around the seam.

White polo shirt – on left breast, horizontally.

NB: White Cricket Trousers – please use a small regular name tape, inside the back waist as per grey trousers/shorts. No large label on outside required.

NB: Gold baselayer – please use a small regular name tape inside back of collar.



Please use a LARGE NAME TAPE as per the Games Kit, for each towel. Sew midway down one of the LONG SIDES of the towel. A tape hook is also required in the same place.


All other items, including personal belongings and home clothes must also be labelled including shoes/trainers/wellies using permanent markers where appropriate.

 If you have any questions about labelling please do ask Lucy Monk in the School Shop or the Matrons.