Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Promoting equal opportunities is fundamental to the aims and ethos of Woodcote. We welcome applications from candidates a diverse a range of backgrounds.  This enriches our community and is vital in preparing our pupils for today’s world. We concentrate on educating the individual, to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where each individual feels valued and can flourish.

Woodcote is committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of an individual’s race, sex, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity.  We are a selective school and we believe that the educational experience can only be enriched if children are exposed to as wide a range of cultural experiences as possible whilst they are developing.

We also welcome applications from pupils with special needs and disabilities, and refer parents to our policy covering Special Education Needs (SEN), learning difficulties, and disability.

Generous bursaries are offered in order to make it possible for as many as possible who meet the school’s admission criteria to attend the school.  Details of our provision for bursaries can be found on our website or obtained from the Bursar’s office.


The Headmaster, the Senior Management Team and pastoral staff play an active role in monitoring the implementation of the school’s policy on equal opportunities.  Use is made of assemblies, PHSE, RE, Drama, English and other lessons to:

  • Promote tolerance of and respect for each other, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010.
  • Promote positive images and role models to avoid prejudice and raise awareness of related issues.
  • Foster an open-minded approach and encourage pupils to recognise the contributions made by different cultures.  Bias should be recognised.
  • Understand why and how we will deal with offensive language and behaviour.
  • Understand why we will deal with any incidents promptly and in a sensitive manner.

Harassment in all its forms is unlawful and unacceptable; our behaviour and anti-bullying policies contain clear procedures for dealing with unlawful discrimination.

A successful equal opportunities policy requires strong and positive support from parents and guardians, and full acceptance of the school’s ethos of tolerance and respect.


Woodcote monitors its equal opportunities policy regularly and reports to the Advisory Board annually in order to ensure its effectiveness.


In order to cope with the academic demands at Woodcote and benefit from its rich social life, pupils must be fluent English speakers.  English as an Additional Language (EAL) can be arranged at the parents’ expense. Please see the Disability Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Learning Support Policies for more details.


Although Woodcote is a broadly Christian school, we do not select for entry on the basis of religious belief, and we welcome pupils of all faiths and offer them the opportunity to practice and celebrate their own faiths.

Parents should be aware that all pupils at Woodcote are required to wear a uniform.  The Headmaster will consider written requests from parents for variations in the uniform on religious grounds that are consistent with the school’s ethos and its policy on health and safety.  The Headmaster may take expert advice, and will normally arrange to meet with the parents to discuss the implications of such a request.


We hope that you and your child do not have any complaints about the operation of our Equal Opportunities Policy; copies of the school’s complaints procedure will be sent to you on request.

September 2016


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