Summer is here – well, nearly. We have been lulled into a false sense of security with three beautiful days. Woodcote always looks its best in the sunshine and having the whole school out playing cricket for the last few afternoons has been a delight to watch. Sadly, with the school photograph happening this afternoon, the clouds have come over and the temperature has dropped by 10 degrees – nonetheless, we shall press on regardless.

Weather aside, the term has started smoothly. We have 9 new boys in the school, all of whom have settled very happily and quickly into Woodcote life. We have already had Judo displays, trips to the British Museum and Windsor Castle, the first Archery session, Golf lessons at the Berkshire, and Tennis lessons, along with daily Cricket and Athletics. The first matches of term take place against Pilgrim’s tomorrow so the boys will be able to test their ability against some tough opposition. The swimming pool is still a little on the cold side – 17 degrees when I last checked, so it will need another 10 degrees or so before the boys are prepared to take the plunge.

Tonight the 3rd Form will enjoy the first year group barbeque of term and tomorrow evening the 6th form will be braving the weather for their Camping night. The chef has made the pizza bases and bought in a range of toppings, the firewood is chopped and ready to go for the pizza oven and the groundsmen are currently erecting the 10 man teepee. There are also several 2 man tents available for those who require a little more peace! I have dug out the Dutch Oven for late night Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows over the campfire and the chef has also organised bread, sausages, bacon and eggs so that they boys can make their own breakfast over the fire in the morning. As one of two 6th form tutors, I would love to be there with them but sadly, I have been called away for the weekend. I’m sure EL will be in his element!

Mr. Nick is kindly taking Chapel for me on Sunday and then the boarders are being taken to Thorpe Park by DP and Miss Danielle – again, I am happy to save that excitement for the Leavers’ programme, post-CE. Next week the 3rd Form are off to Cowdray Park Farm, there are matches against St. George’s on Wednesday and then the first Exeat begins on Friday. This is undoubtedly going to be a very busy term and there is so much more to come…..

That is all.