I am delighted to report that after my arduous afternoon tasting wines with a London merchant of some repute, we have selected a new Woodcote House Red and Woodcote House White, which will be launched at a tasting here on Saturday 23rd November – details to follow shortly.

We had our Bonfire Night on Friday and although things looked a bit ‘touch and go’ for a while (the rain at one point was of biblical proportions) we decided to press on. The barbecue took place inside – the eating, not the cooking – and at about 6:30pm the clouds parted and we were able to get the boys out, and down to the bonfire.

The Grounds staff had done a particularly fine job with the construction of the bonfire – it started immediately and burnt beautifully symmetrically, allowing the ‘guy’ to toast gently for a good few minutes before finally being engulfed and toppling from his lofty perch to cheers of delight from the boys. As always, the ‘guy’ was designed and built by the Dominites, although I am not at liberty to tell you who the burning effigy was….

On Saturday AGM and I were at the Independent Schools Show in Battersea. It was a hugely worthwhile event this year and we met many prospective parents, several of whom are very interested in the Woodcote Bus, which will be running in and out of London from April.

We were both unfortunate however to miss a feast of football against Sunningdale on Saturday afternoon, with the four senior games going to Woodcote, both Colts games won by the ‘dale and honours even in the U9s.

Even the trees have come out in Woodcote colours....

I was absolutely delighted with the turnout at Chapel for Remembrance Sunday – thank you to all those parents who rallied to the call. It was packed to the rafters, so much so that the only seat left when I arrived was a Juniors plastic chair in the aisle. No matter, it was a terrific service and as always, I am indebted to Mr. Nick and Mr. Mark for taking it. As I have said, we are incredibly fortunate not only that Mr. Mark is willing to give us his thoughts on Remembrance each year but also that we have such a strong and tangible link with the past – long may it continue.

This week we have our final football fixtures of the term against Horris Hill and then the rugby season begins in earnest after the Exeat….I’m off to Twickenham on Saturday to whet the appetite!

That is all.