Boarder of the Week: Henry Lozinski

The start of another year, brought us to the start of the Lent (or RUGBY) term! There seemed to be plenty of smiles and contented looks on the boys’ faces as they reassembled last Wednesday night. There is a new group of boys in Dominies this term, who are already enjoying the toast making and Nutella spreading in the evenings. Some changes have been made to personnel in the dorms and the rolling improvements to the dorms continued over the holidays!

The 1st weekend back was as busy as ever, with an old boy called Paul Young talking to us about his life in comedy. His stage name is Paul Kerensa, as he wasn’t permitted to carry the name of a famous ‘80s popstar! It was a brilliant talk about how to get into comedy, doing stand-up gigs and writing for series like Miranda. The 6th form went off to the cinema on Saturday night to see Delivery Man – thanks to Mr. Benn and Oli for chaperoning them. The popcorn and sweets were enjoyed just as much as the film!

On Sunday Mr. Ramage took 14 boys off to Bracknell Ice Rink to see if we had any Christopher Deans in the school. There were no signs of any triple-salchows or camel-spins, but plenty of ability nonetheless! Thankfully there were no broken bones either! For those still at school I organised a Quest to gather up as many named items from around the school, as well as answer some searching questions. Henry W and Kei were the winning pair and grateful recipients of some more tuck!

The picture below is from the 2nd night of term, showing that Blue dormitory have very good taste when it comes to supporting football teams. They are now known as the “Blue Gooners”!

Good work boys!

The boarders are adapting well to the appalling conditions around the grounds and finding plenty of innovative ways to amuse themselves around the main house. A credit to their independence and creativity!